Who Are We?



Now that we know that Stonington Middle School is the name of our new school, the next step is deciding on a mascot and school colors. This is a very important step in the process, and we have decided to let the students take the lead on this. Students currently in grades 4-8 will take part in discussions and surveys to create these important symbolic elements for Stonington Middle School.

A typical definition of a  mascot is a symbolic figure designed to bring good luck. But really a mascot is a representative figure, a symbol and a communication tool for an organization.  As a symbol, the mascot should personify the values and core beliefs of the organization. As a communication tool, the mascot communicates effectively and helps the organization stand out and get noticed.

This is a big responsibility, and we know our students will take it seriously. We encourage creativity, and we are asking students to really think about what they want to represent them. We are also asking them to keep in mind that they are engaging in this work not just for themselves, but for generations of Stonington students in the future.

Timothy Smith