Stonington Middle School Professional Development 3/19/18

The teachers from both Pawcatuck and Mystic Middle came together as the staff of Stonington Middle School on Monday, March 19, 2018, for a professional development meeting. The focus of this meeting was the "Restorative Practices" model of classroom and school discipline. As we come together, this work will be an important part of building our new learning community.

Kris Wraight, an educator from Safe Futures, facilitated the session. According to The Restorative Practices Handbook, "To be 'restorative' means to believe that decisions are best made and conflicts are best resolved by those most directly involved in them. The restorative practices movement seeks to develop good relationships and restore a sense of community in an increasingly disconnected world." One of the core beliefs in restorative practices is that the adults show respect to students by both holding them to a higher standard of behavior and by providing the support they need to be more responsible. Research shows that restorative practices in schools improve both student behavior and the overall climate of the school. We look forward to more opportunities to work together to create our new Stonington Middle School.