Understanding the Mission

Now that the Board of Education voted to consolidate the town's two middle schools into one new 6-7-8 middle school, the work on the consolidation project can begin in earnest. As we start this work, it is important for everyone to know that teachers, parents, students, staff, and the community-at-large will all play a role in creating this new school.

We need to be very clear that, while we are calling this a school consolidation project, it really is the creation of a new school. The 2019-2020 school year will be a watershed year for Stonington Public Schools. We will officially open two renovated K-5 elementary schools and a new single 6-7-8 middle school. This project is so much more than closing Pawcatuck Middle School and sending those students to Mystic. We are creating a new middle school. In effect, both Mystic Middle and Pawcatuck Middle will close in June of 2019 and a brand new school with a brand new learning community will open in the fall. For communication and transparency throughout this project, a wide variety of communication tools, including this website and several social media platforms will be used. 

This creates an exciting opportunity for designing the school we want for all of the middle school students of Stonington. We hope that everyone will embrace this design challenge and find ways large and small to contribute to its success.

Timothy Smith